Advertising is a vital part of the marketing mix if you want to guarantee exposure in front of your target audience. 

There are many advantages for both online and print advertising, which are briefly explained below.

After an initial discussion to find out what you want to advertise and who you want to advertise to (along with your budget and timescales), I can put together a suggested plan with negotiated prices and deadlines – you can then book the campaign yourself, or let me go ahead and seal the deal on your behalf.

Online Advertising

There are a lot of options if you’d like to advertise online. The key benefit in comparison to print advertising is that activity can be accurately tracked – so if your ad isn’t delivering potential customers to your website, you have an opportunity change something about the campaign before it’s too late.

The two most popular options at the moment are:

  • Google Adwords – your advert will appear when people search the key words and key phrases you set up – similar to SEO, but with a budget.
  • Facebook Ads – allows you to specifically target the people you want to see your advert by setting your own criteria (demographics, interests and behaviours, etc).

With both of these options, you only pay when somebody clicks on your advert to go directly through to your website.

You could also place banner ads on a variety of websites such as online magazines and forums, which are generally a set fee rather than Pay Per Click (PPC).

Print Advertising – Newspapers and Magazines 

The key benefit of advertising in print publications is the unlimited exposure – once your advert is paid for and printed, there’s no limit to who will see it as it won’t expire and switch off like an online campaign does when you’ve reached your budget.

Another advantage is flexibility – you have the option to choose your preferred position and advert size, and can select which magazine/newspaper readers you want to target. This is especially beneficial if you only want to reach those with a specialist interest or just people in Manchester, for example.

The higher the circulation of the publication, the more expensive it generally is, so bear in mind that a page in the Daily Express will cost significantly more than the Manchester Evening News. 

Many media sales agents offer discounts to those booking advertising space for clients on a regular basis, so no promises, but it’s likely I’d be able to secure a lower rate than you would be able to.

If you would like a chat or a quote, get in touch.

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