Whilst there are advantages for taking on an agency, hiring a full time employee or completing the work yourself, I believe that outsourcing your marketing to a freelancer like myself is the best option for start-ups and small businesses with a limited budget. Here are a few reasons why:

No Long-Term Contract

I work on the basis that there is no long-term contract or retainer unless you want there to be. This means you pay for the work you want to be done and nothing else.

One Campaign Manager

You don’t need to deal with lots of people, just me. I will be your direct contact from start to finish, so nothing will ever get lost in translation.

Cost Effective

I work from my home office and don’t have any employees, so I don’t need to increase my prices to cover my costs.

One-Stop Shop

I offer a lot of services, and anything I can’t do, I have the contacts to outsource your task to an expert in the relevant area. This provides a lot of flexibility as you can pick and choose the services you want, whenever you want.

Driven by Results

I care about my reputation and will go above and beyond to make sure your campaign or project is a success. Not only because I’m driven by achieving great results, but also so you’ll want use my services again and again (and recommend me to your contacts).

I’m multi-skilled with over 10 years experience, so I can confidently get your job done to a high standard. You can find out a bit more about me here and browse the list of services I offer here

If you would like a chat or a quote, get in touch.