Is PR old news?

Print media is in decline, which is affecting PR professionals because a lot of companies are starting to spend more on digital marketing and advertising instead. 

However, PR is still a vital part of the marketing mix and is certainly not old news.

Public Relations (PR) is about persuading journalists to write about your business, putting your services or products in front of a large audience in one fell swoop (for free).

The Top 10 product features you see in magazines and newspapers, for example – they’re not the actual 10 best products on the market, they’re the products with the best PR people representing them, who have convinced the journalist putting the list together to include them.

Print magazines and newspapers generally spring to mind when people think of PR, but it really is much more than this – it’s TV (think product reviews on This Morning), radio, online (bloggers, specialist sector websites, forums)…you get the gist.

PR is ‘earned’ media – Advertising is ‘paid-for’ media

With that in mind, PR is much more valuable because ‘editorial content’ is considered more trustworthy and more likely to be read than an advert. The reader doesn’t know what happened behind the scenes to get your story or product on the page, so it’s technically seen as endorsement from the journalist – with adverts however, everyone knows they’ve been paid for.

Of course, the down side to PR is that there’s no guarantee your story will be included. Communicating with journalists on a level which makes it clear how interesting or useful your product/service will be to their readers will increase your chances though.

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