What on earth is SEO?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something you can do to encourage Google (and other search engines) to direct visitors to your website. 

The first thing to think about when it comes to SEO is content. Does your website contain a lot of well placed key words and phrases that are relevant to what you are offering to potential customers? It should.

The better your content is, the higher Google will rate your website – which means your website will appear higher in the results list and you’ll get more visitors to convert into potential customers.

Google has hundreds of billions of pages to crawl through every time someone searches for something, so it ranks websites based on a variety of factors to get the best possible results for its users.

Common sense really – think about it, why would Google risk directing someone to a website which is not that relevant to what they’re looking for? People would just stop using Google if they kept ending up on a website about bananas when they’d actually searched for apples.

Ultimately, SEO is the art of creating quality content for your website and making it relevant to what your target customers are searching for.

Hope that provides a basic introductory summary of what SEO is. I’ll be posting more advanced articles about the 200 factors Google takes into consideration to determine a website’s “Page Rank”, “Indexing” and other ways you can become more Google friendly soon…so keep your eyes peeled!

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